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Resources for every stage

Welcome to the Merchant HQ! As a Recharge merchant, you’ll find all the relevant features and instructions to grow your subscription business—whether you’re just getting started or scaling your subscriber base. Bookmark this page so you always have access to the tools to support you throughout your journey, and the top resources designed for Recharge merchants.

Recharge resources

Key resources

These resources contain valuable information relevant across your Recharge journey. Bookmark these pages so that you can reference them when in doubt.

Merchant portal

Sign into your merchant portal to manage customer subscriptions, update your subscription products, and customize your subscriber experience.

Help Center

Find demos and answers to your Recharge-related technical questions in our extensive knowledge base. When in doubt, contact support for help.

Resource library

Search for industry reports, podcasts, blogs, and other resources to keep you on the cutting edge of subscription strategy.

What’s new with Recharge?

These resources will keep you informed on important Recharge product news and updates.

Full Product Changelog

View and subscribe to our Changelog to stay up-to-date on the latest feature releases across all products.

Status page

Our status page is updated in real-time, if you ever suspect an issue.

Events calendar

Sign up to receive event notifications delivered right to your inbox for our next virtual and in-person events, featured on our ecommerce events calendar.

Beyond Recharge

These resources are crucial for merchants looking for a subscription program that extends past our out-of-the-box offering.

Integrations directory

Start customizing your Recharge implementation by integrating Recharge with your tech stack. Dive into Recharge’s directory of commerce apps that natively integrate with Recharge for a composable commerce approach.

Developer Hub

Recharge doesn’t require developer support to get your subscriptions up and running, but if you have in-house developers available, you should direct them to start their exploration here.

Agency directory

Recharge works with a number of experienced agency partners so that you can find support that’s right for your project—whether you need assistance with design, development, marketing, or subscriptions. Browse our Agency directory to find your perfect match.