Launch your first subscription product

Once you install Recharge, our onboarding wizard will walk you through everything you need to do to launch your first subscription product. You’ll have the opportunity to adjust your branding and create more complex subscription products after you launch.

Two key steps to launch

Follow these essential steps for launching your first subscription product with Recharge.

  1. Create your first subscription product. After installing Recharge, our subscription wizard will walk you through creating a basic first subscription product.
  2. Publish the subscription widget. The button that allows customers to add a subscription to their cart from the product description page is called a “subscription widget.” Launching the widget allows customers to start purchasing your subscriptions. You can later customize the appearance of your widget.

That’s all you need to get up and running! If you prefer to further review your settings before you launch, refer to our comprehensive setup guide . If your store is resourced for a more custom implementation, refer your team to our developer documentation .

Our team can assist you in transitioning your current subscribers, which will involve an additional data migration step. Depending on your existing configuration, this step may need to be done either before or after the above steps. If you haven’t already, start your migration plan to coordinate your implementation alongside your data migration.

Need a hand?

Onboarding webinar

Check out our on-demand onboarding webinar for a 35-minute visual walkthrough of the complete implementation process.

Contact Support

Submit a support ticket or reach out on live chat . Recharge Merchants on the Pro or Custom plan can also request video callback support.

Common questions when launching your first subscription Expand all

Can I customize how Recharge looks and feels for my customers?

Yes! After your initial launch, you can use Recharge’s out-of-the-box tools to customize the appearance of your subscription widget and customer portal. Alternatively, if you’re working with a developer, you can also build your own subscription widget and customer portal. You can also edit the language and CSS for email subscriber notifications as well as the copy in transactional text messages. Resources Customize your subscription widget Updating the customer portal Create your own subscription widget Build your own customer portal Edit subscriber notifications

How do I customize my subscription product’s shipment frequency options?

When you create a subscription product, you can choose a subscription frequency based on days, weeks, or months. After you publish your subscription widget, you can return to your product details to add more advanced subscription rules. Resources Creating subscription rules Creating a cutoff window

Does the setup process differ depending on the ecommerce platform of the store?

Some ecommerce platforms do require additional steps to launch a subscription product. The in-app setup wizard will always take you through every step you need to complete before launching. If you choose to exit the setup wizard, reference our help center to confirm your remaining steps to launch. Resources Launch steps for Shopify stores Launch steps for BigCommerce stores

How do I build a curated subscription?

Curated subscription boxes are popular not only for the delight they offer consumers but also because they offer savings on shipping and logistics for merchants. In its simplest form, a curated collection is a rotating set of hand-picked items, while more advanced merchants might offer their customers additional customization options, including the opportunity to upsell for premium items. Setting up your first subscription box Creating bundles or “build-a-box” experiences

How can I test a subscription order?

You can preview the subscriber experience before you publish your subscription widget by clicking “Preview your subscription widget” in the merchant portal. After your launch, the process to test a subscription order depends on your ecommerce platform. Resources Run a test transaction

Can I create more complex subscriptions later?

Additional subscription tools become available after you launch. For example, you can create cutoff windows to determine which shipments a new subscriber will receive, build workflows to automate free trials or sample sizes, bundle your products for volume discounts or subscriber flexibility, and create more unique discount models than the basic subscribe-and-save discount. Resources Creating a cutoff window Building a workflow Bundle your products Creating a discount code

My widget didn’t work! How do I fix it?

Widget issues can vary depending on your ecommerce platform. Resources Troubleshooting the widget