AutoBrush creates clinically-backed dental hygiene products, like their signature AutoBrush u-shaped toothbrushes that are proven to clean 27x better than the traditional toothbrush. They were created to bring high-quality care from the dentist’s office into the home and evolve the toothbrushing experience into something seamless and easy for kids and adults alike.

AutoBrush increases their subscription revenue by 1300% with data-driven retention strategy

Family using Autobrush alongside a spread of the Autobrush line of automated dental cleaners

“In the past we have lived and died by big offers, and campaigns were really pushing the needle and getting us to the revenue level we needed to be at. But the baseline we have now from predictable revenue really sets us up for success.”

Headshot of Ari Ziskin, Director of Ecommerce, AutoBrush

Ari Ziskin

Director of Ecommerce, AutoBrush


After making significant product improvements in 2021, AutoBrush sought to optimize their customer acquisition and retention strategy. With the unique nature of the product not being something consumers naturally search for, AutoBrush aimed for stability through subscriptions to provide a foundation for growth. This felt like a natural step with their brush heads needing to be replaced every two months, and their accessory products—like toothpaste—being replenishable products.

Regular, predictable revenue was an important factor in their ability to grow and scale as a startup, so it became the forefront of the strategy for their next growth stage. With subscriptions being such a critical component of their plan, they needed a subscription platform that was efficient, robust, and sustainable.


After looking at the options available, they decided to go with Recharge’s leading platform and product feature set. Even after being approached by competitors, they stood firm in their decision because they saw the most value for their investment in Recharge’s features, like the Enhanced Analytics suite and our third-party integration support from partners like Klaviyo. They needed reliable data and tools that were proven to equip them to scale, rather than promises of fancy features that may not have a measurable return.

AutoBrush leverages Recharge’s Enhanced Analytics suite, in particular, to get insight into things like customers’ cancellation reasons based on discount code used, and how many people are only subscribing for the discount to inform how they can improve acquisition offers. Furthermore, our revenue planning feature helps them keep a pulse on the overall health of their subscriptions and forecast sales trends.

Beyond retention, they are also able to easily offer subscriptions as the default option over one-time purchases on their product description pages. Plus, with Recharge’s comprehensive customer portal, customers can easily manage subscriptions on their own and take actions like skipping their next order, which they’ve seen correlate to an overall higher customer lifetime value (LTV).

Discover how to customize your customer portal with Recharge Discover how to customize your customer portal with Recharge


With retention revenue up 30%, AutoBrush has been able to refocus on customer acquisition at a higher cost while still managing to increase their subscription revenue by 1300%. This improved retention paired with their ability to offer subscribe-and-save as default has resulted in better conversion on the product description page and better overall LTV.

As a result of their laser focus on subscription strategy, their recurring revenue now makes up 16% of their total Shopify revenue, compared to <1% prior. With their innovative dental products and Recharge’s features and data, AutoBrush is on a clear path towards scaling to the levels they envision and revolutionizing the dental hygiene world.

“Just the increase in retention revenue level overall helps us acquire customers at a higher CAC now because we have that predictable retention revenue, so we can balance out time periods where acquisition is more challenging.”

Headshot of Ari Ziskin, Director of Ecommerce, AutoBrush

Ari Ziskin

Director of Ecommerce, AutoBrush