LitJoy was created to share the joy of reading, and invite people to escape into an exciting world of stories. They make beautiful books, clever collections, and timeless accessories for fans of everything from all things Magical to The Mortal Instruments.

LitJoy increased orders per customer with a portal

LitJoy offers two different quarterly subscription crates: one for Young Adult readers (which includes an exclusive special edition of a new release book, along with 3-5 bookish items) and a Magical crate for witches and wizards. For the most dedicated fans, LitJoy created a members-only community. Lunacorns get early access to new products and restocks, sneak peeks, exclusive items just for them, behind-the-scenes content, and more.

"We wanted our customers to feel like they had a ‘home’ on our website–a customer portal that was engaging, easy to use, and all about them."

Alix Adams

CEO, LitJoy


LitJoy’s customers are a mix of one-time shop purchases and subscribers. LitJoy customers without a subscription managed their account (including loyalty points through Yotpo) through the standard Shopify customer account. Then, if a customer also subscribed, they had to remember and maintain a separate Recharge customer account for managing their Lunacorn access and crate subscription. Subscribers wound up with two accounts, and overall, a fragmented experience. Moreover, both customer accounts were templatized and didn’t incorporate any of LitJoy’s playful, magical brand elements. LitJoy wanted to create a seamless, easy, branded account experience for all their customers.

LitJoy increased orders per customer with a portal


LitJoy partnered with Tako Agency , a full-service agency that designs, develops, and optimizes Shopify and Shopify Plus businesses. Tako decided the best solution was to create an exciting, one-stop account management portal that would look and feel the same for all customers, in addition to laying the groundwork for more customer experience features in the future.

    First, they migrated LitJoy’s site onto a fresh theme from Out of the Sandbox and did a custom product-forward homepage design (complete with custom in-house illustrations) with a strong emphasis on exploration and conversion, thanks to a new instant add to cart button. Tako also added a cross-sell section on the cart page, so customers could quickly add additional products that catch their eye. Finally, they customized the Collections page filtering so users can search by fandom or interest, making it easy to find what they’re really interested in.
      Then came the big lift: they rebuilt the customer account portal on the Shopify side, bringing in all the Recharge and Yotpo elements using APIs.
        Tako Agency did a completely custom design for LitJoy, so the entire portal is totally on brand and native. Customers and subscribers have the same portal, with the functionalities each need. Both groups can instantly see their loyalty point earnings tracker and redemption history, making it easy to redeem points for discounts codes on subscriptions or one time purchases. Both groups can see their standard Shopify checkout order history. Subscribers get more bells and whistles: they have full freedom to manage their accounts just like they would in a Recharge based customer portal. They can view and edit their subscriptions and memberships, upcoming orders, addresses, and payment methods.

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With the new portal build, Tako Agency eliminated a fragmented customer experience and brought branding to every step of the customer journey. By moving all elements to one location, and utilizing Recharge’s powerful APIs, they effectively simplified subscription management for customers. A more engaging site (and shorter journey to checkout) led to an increase of 45% in average number of orders per customer. Additionally, through adding filtering, LitJoy enabled more customers to find their favorite things—leading to a 22% increase in order volume. Plus, the more product-forward home page and instant add to cart function also led to a 41% increase in AOV.

    With the stable, well-built customer account portal, Tako Agency has laid the groundwork to continue enhancing the customer experience. They’ve created a phenomenal foundation to build new experiential and gamified features in the future.

“We collaborated with LitJoy and Recharge engineers to come up with a stable, seamless customer account portal that serves the needs of all customers and laid the groundwork to create exciting new features with LitJoy in the future."

Grace Everitt

CEO & Creative Director, Tako Agency