Recharge Analytics

Gain actionable insights into your customers, product, and revenue metrics to optimize your subscription business.

Track all your key performance indicators with our analytics suite—all the data you need to run and grow your business is in one place. We’ll show you in-depth sales breakdowns, total refunds, average order values (AOVs), churn rates, and even future revenue projections.

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Measure key data

With Recharge Analytics, merchants can measure key data to make important business decisions. Our powerful analytics tools fall into four main categories:

Icon depicting cost—the third consideration when determining whether to build or buy a subscription solution


See the high-level health of your subscription business over time

Icon depicting customers


Understand your customer patterns, behaviors, and lifecycles

Icon depicting subscriptions


See how customers are interacting with their subscriptions

Icon depicting functionality—the first consideration when determining whether to build or buy a subscription solution


See marketing campaign performance and customer actions, and compare your business to others within the same niche

Graph showing a revenue overview

“With Recharge, we’re able to forecast our product needs for upcoming months with far more accuracy, which allows us the ability to scale and grow with confidence.”

Matthew Parvis
Co-Founder and CEO, Fresh Clean Threads

Customize your dashboards

Analytics are personal to your unique business and goals. With Recharge Analytics, access premade analytics dashboards that cover the most important metrics around your revenue, customers, and subscriptions. What’s more: You can customize and filter your data to solve for any use case.

Recharge Analytics customizable dashboard

Personalize your dashboard usage with Recharge Analytics:

  • Filter data by order time or date, customer cohorts, specific products, and more
  • Go deeper into your store, order, and customer data with report drill downs
  • Export individual tables or entire reports in various formats, like CSV and PDF
  • Enable automatic alerts when certain events occur, like achieving a specific AOV
  • Schedule specific dashboards to be sent directly to you

“[With Recharge], our ads became more efficient and the value of each purchase multiplied 5x, allowing us to exceed revenue goals month-over-month.”

Timothy Peou
Director of Paid Social, MuteSix

Go further with Recharge Enhanced Analytics

Merchants on the Recharge Pro and Custom plans have access to Recharge Enhanced Analytics, which provides additional dashboards that allow you to dive even deeper into analytics.

Get more out of your data with Recharge Enhanced Analytics:

  • Identify critical points to deploy customer retention strategies
  • Know where to invest marketing dollars to achieve the greatest revenue impact
  • Attain consistent revenue and reduce passive churn through better inventory management
  • Use forecasts to predict future product success and inform business decisions