Customer portal

Allow your subscribers to manage every aspect of their orders with Recharge’s customizable portal.

Create a compelling subscriber experience and allow customers to manage their subscriptions directly from Recharge’s self-service portal. Customers can independently adjust the frequency, products, and billing information of their subscriptions, driving sustainable revenue growth and reduced support tickets for your business.

Give your customers flexibility

Build brand loyalty with Recharge’s customer portal by meeting your customers where they are. Through the portal, allow your customers to:

  • Manage frequency: Customers can easily pause, skip, or reschedule deliveries to keep their subscription active
  • Swap or add products: If customers want to try something new, they can easily swap items or add a product to their order
  • Set up mobile and email alerts: Customers can manage their subscriptions on the go by enabling SMS or email alerts
  • Use passwordless login: Customers can easily login to their customer portal with a 4-digit authentication code sent via SMS or email

"It's been impactful to give customers their own portal to manage their subscription, and do more than just cancel."

Headshot of Reggie Black, CEO, Better Way Health

Reggie Black CEO, Better Way Health

Customize your customer portal with the Theme Engine

A feature of Recharge’s Pro and Custom plans, the Theme Engine lets you fully customize your customer portal from the ground up, enabling your users to manage every aspect of their subscriptions. This increased level of control over the customer experience allows you to adjust everything from the branding and styling of the portal to enhanced self-service capabilities.

For each page of the portal, you can choose between starting with a blank slate or customizing upon our base theme, which is ready out of the box and offers all our core subscriber functionality. Either route allows you to customize with the exact layout and data you need, and add enhanced self-service options. This is all accomplished through front-end technologies that your developers or agencies are familiar with: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Use the portal to address payment recover risks faster

When a charge is declined, Recharge will automatically retry the charge based on intervals that you set. We can also notify your customer through the portal that the attempted charge failed and try to get their updated payment information, mitigating the risk of passive churn.

Looking for more advanced payment recovery methods? Check out our integration directory for a tech partner that fits your needs.

Screenshet of the Recharge merchant portal

"We wanted our customers to feel like they had a ‘home’ on our website [with] a customer portal that was engaging, easy to use, and all about them."

Headshot of Alix Adams, CEO, LitJoy

Alix Adams CEO, LitJoy